About Continuum

Continuum strives to help clients reach their maximal health through Osteopathic treatment. Osteopathy aims to realign the body through biomechanical and visceral manipulations. Additionally, practitioners use fascial and cranial-sacral techniques to incorporate all aspects of the body to treat dysfunction. This whole body, whole system approach is a fundamental base of Osteopathy. The purpose is to restore your body’s ability to heal by ensuring all systems are working as efficiently as possible. Osteopathic Manual Therapists (Dip. O.M.P) have received training in manual osteopathic practice. However, they are not medical doctors. Treatments involve only manual therapies.

To request an appointment, please book online.

At Continuum Therapeutic Bodywork, we are happy to accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, or Cash (cash, cheque, or debit preferred) for your appointment. Continuum does not offer direct billing for appointments but provides the necessary information on your invoice for Osteopathic billing to your insurance company.

How to prepare for your appointment:

  • Clients must bring shorts and a tank top (or sports bra) in order to receive a specific assessment.
  • Bring any relevant diagnostic reports or imaging to your appointment (i.e. MRI/X-ray/bloodwork reports).
  • If it’s your first visit to Continuum, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out a ‘Client Intake Form.’
  • Please, feel free to contact Sonia Sharma at the clinic if you have any questions regarding the method of treatment.
  • For more information about Osteopathy, you can visit: https://www.osteopathymanitoba.org/ or https://www.osteopathyontario.org/
  • Cancellation Policy: If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment and have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the total cost of the treatment as booked. If an emergency arises, please let us know so we can treat your situation with personal attention.
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